Blog May 2015

After the most amazing journey to Abadiania, Brazil I feel very blessed indeed to have experienced the healing that I did and then to be able to in turn share some of that experience with you. I have bought back from Brazil the Crystal Light Bed Healing.

The Crystal Light Bed Healing is from the Casa de Dom Inacio and is a profound healing system, that has suspended from a beam 7 quartz crystals that correspond to the 7 main chakras of our body.
The Crystal Bed Healing is an individual experience, with each person spending up to 60 minutes laying comfortably on a massage table, under the crystals to balance, energise and raise the frequency of our body system.



The Benevolent Beings who come through the well known Brazilian Medium John of God, designed this Crystal Light Bed Healing, to open up and cleanse our energy centres, the chakras. I have been given approval to run this amazing healing system in my clinic, when I was in Abadiania, Brazil, at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

For those of you who would like to take another step forward in your journey, no matter where you consider that you are in your evolution, then, this is for you. Re-balancing on all levels of your being assists where there’s imbalance, blockage or lack of direction in life, opens you up to better health spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. We receive what we are ready for with this process, in healing gently and safely as the crystals light up alternatively and run up and down your chakras doing their work.

I am taking bookings now and when it would suit you, your family and friends.

Be Happy and in Keeping warm as we slide into winter!!! Enjoy, Lots of bliss Angela