The last vestiges of Autumn, as we move steadily into the winter of 2015. The days are still beautifully warm and today the sky was fully blue, spectacular, as I’m enjoying wearing a t-shirt and jeans, no jumper and jacket as yet, during the day!!! Although, I did have the heater going first thing this morning, for my yoga practice!!!

For many of us there appears to have been a lot of rapid changes going on, and sometimes with that there is a letting go and trusting. Some of which maybe out of our hands, and other, that is about embracing what we have manifested, not forcing our ideals onto it and as they say “all will be revealed”.
Some times the dramas of life can pull us in and be quite terrifying. What I have noticed personally is that having meditated consistently, daily for many years, it really does help to step out of the drama, and be detached and let events unfold without reaction that could be detrimental. No matter what others are saying, or adding to the situation.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm -SOLD

The fears that we hold onto, why would we do that? What are those fears about?
Be curious instead of reacting, do something different and see what unfolds. And always be grateful for what shows up to assist you. I have had situations that were seemingly disastrous at the time, and quite some time later (even up to 2 years or more) it turns out that it was perfect that it happened as its actually helping me in the situation I’m currently in now!!! Be loving, be gentle, be curious and always listen to your gut instinct for what it’s telling you. What suits another may well not suit you, so learning to say no or attaching that to yourself is about getting clear with you. Creating boundaries means allowing you to be you and not be latched onto another’s judgment of that, it’s empowering. Another’s reactions are about themselves not you! Be honest with yourself, and in turn you can be honest with others.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with those that I do, sharing this big old world together offers so much to us all. It’s like a jigsaw as we search for meaning and direction on our path.

Any questions of the work that I offer please call or email me. If a distant location is where you reside, in this day and age that’s easy to accommodate.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Be the light and love, that you want in your life Love Angela