Some days it would seem apparent that the world is bleak and non-caring, non-supportive and has us thinking ‘what’s the point?!!!!’, but only if we let it be that way! Before we know it the conversation in our head has turned into a flip chart, with drop down boxes as well, as proof and evidence that life is a disaster. It amazes me that along with the media, our egos are the front-runners for expelling toxicity at a rapid rate. It’s astounding if we let it get out of control!

From all the research that I have done over the years (although learning never ceases – it evolves), I have learned we live in a world of love and abundance, and each and every one of us is able to access tap this, not just the lucky few! Our world has taught us that we are victims and all things toxic that go along with it, but that is not what I am here for, and neither are you. We all reach a point where we have a choice to continue listening to the toxic egoistic dialogue, or to let go of the labels we have assigned to ourselves and be the person we are meant to be this life (not what someone else suggested we are), and follow the path our ‘higher inner/intuitive self’ is pointing us toward. This is a journey of knowledge through the university of life.

The moment I notice the ‘flip charts’ and ‘drop boxes’ of back up negativity roll in, I begin to observe and become curious about what I am required to do to assist myself in letting go of the story/s. There are a variety of resources I access; from sitting quietly and breathing deeply, to asking myself is there anything further that I could be doing; and is what I am thinking truthful? That’s just a start! Being quiet, for a moment may be all it takes.

There are many choices to be made about the best tools to use when you start to feel overwhelmed, however, each of us are on individual journeys, so what suits you right now will be often what first comes to mind, from the intuitive aspect of yourself. When the non-rational aspect of yourself, overridden with fear appears, then the very simple things will be a start for example, what can I do about this? What am I feeling and Where? How can I support myself? Importantly, if you don’t know what to do then you must reach out and ask for help. We all go through difficulties, and there are many teachers and healers in our lifetime that can help us on our journey.

‘Fighting’ to get rid of something will only seek to enhance it. Watching how we speak daily and asking ‘how can I support myself’ as I work through this issue, rather than ‘fighting’ it, makes for a more gentle journey rather than a war which creates chaos on many levels. Love your body and who you are in this life.

Listen to how you speak to your friends, family, acquaintances and yourself. Are they positive and loving words, or are they toxic put-downs? Are the people in your life loving and supportive? The patterns in our life may take some time to change, so have patience as you begin to let go of “being wrong” and start to refocus your approach to life.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Sometimes a simple mantra repeated can get you to centre and calm down when an issue arises that triggers old reactions. I repeat the word ‘love’ until I feel able to proceed in peaceful manner. I trust whatever technique appears to me to be the path to follow provided it’s loving, gentle and truthful.

I am here to assist and guide those who are wanting to make changes in their life, and are willing to step up to another level where feeling positive is an everyday way of being. I have many tools that can help you tap into feelings of contentment the majority of the time as we ride the waves of life!

I have really enjoyed the Expressive Therapy workshops that I’ve been invited to run in the community this year in in Adelaide, including one that was attended by people from all over Australia. I feel so much gratitude for my experiences, and I am honoured to share my knowledge to help guide others.

No matter where we are in our life being grateful, honouring ourselves and others, is a part of the journey.

My number is – 0417 850 748