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– Using the oils
– Referencing the books Essential Oils Desk Reference Limited 2013 edition
– Bringing in the Thieves into your cleaning regime instead of the toxic goods that are on the supermarket shelves
– Nutrition all toxic free have the oils within and all TGA approved
– Bathroom toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner
– Skin care works right down to a DNA level again all products are pure non toxic which is the YL standard


Young Living nutrition, Skin care and household cleaning products all have the essential oils within and are not only assisting us physically and emotionally but with raising our levels of consciousness. However, what is important is to use them daily, to gain the benefits on a sustaining level. Being aware of our habits, and asking our self if our habits are serving us well, being brutally honest! Changing the way we operate in our world gives us the opportunity to evolve. Which changes our lives, where we can be content, healthy and inspired daily?
I’ll share with you how Young Living has been integrated into my life-
My day begins with meditation, then I write and then my yoga practice begins. And that’s when I start using the oils in the diffuser, which fills the air with the atmosphere I feel drawn to create. I don’t usually think too much about it, as I like to let myself be drawn to an oil, somehow I just seem to know which oil/s to use. And as it is early in the morning I prefer not to get too in my head about what I am doing, it’s a calm and beautiful time of the morning before the dawn begins. I also take my sulfurzyme just before yoga as its best quite some time before eating.
After my yoga practice and shower that’s when I use several oils for several reasons. To help with balance, protection on many levels inclusive of nerve endings, under my arms, sunspots, and I also ingest several oils that I place into a OO Vegie cap (that took awhile for me to feel confidant in doing that with the vegi cap). The daily routine changes depending on what’s happening in my life.
Then I head into the kitchen to make my green smoothie and take my NingXia Red that I put grapefruit oil in along with the oils it already has. I use Power Meal from time to time, meg Cal from time to time, mineral Essence daily, the taste is pretty intense but I am used to it now, I wash it down with water and then take nigxia red, but I just DO IT. I also take the Super B that I get from the US Young Living site. I mix around my products but the sulfuzyme, ningxia and mineral essence and super B are the staples. It may sound big but I have been doing this for a long time now and have built up to this level of use and trust it implicitly.
In my handbag I have a small zip up bag that I keep oils in that I may need while I am out and about, not only for myself, but to assist and share with others if required. Thieves if feel a cold coming on (which is rare) or use as an antibacterial, Peppermint for headaches, nausea, pain and for cooling in my water, Lavender for burns, calming, skin irritation, Lemon for my water and it is an antiseptic, Peace and Calming for exactly that, Release I would never be without for emotions, to draw out. They are the usual mix and I know there’s something there for most things that can occur while out and about, plus some Thieves waterless Hand Purifier.
In my clinic I use mainly the oil Release with my clients and have seen amazing results, profound. But I have other oils in the diffuser like Believe or Peace & Calming or maybe a single oil like Lavender.
I go through stages where some oils I absolutely fall in love with and use for a period of time. But there are some oils I use daily regardless, White Angelica, Valor & Idaho Blue Spruce, Longevity, Sacred Frankincense, Copaiba & Orange.
With my cleaning I use Thieves Household Cleaner and Bi-Carb Soda and the Thieves spray and that’s it and it lasts for ages.
I use the Ultra Toothpaste you only need a tiny amount and the hair shampoo & Conditioner and the skin care which is exquisite and heads all the way to our DNA because of the oils included. Again you only need to use a small amount, so these products last sometimes months.
I go into my Virtual Office regularly so I don’t forget to change my order, ever, I know from month to month already what I want. I also figure that because I really love to feel & smell great that its a way of life for me. I love being responsible for my well being and so Young Living monthly, the organic fruit & veg shop & my favorite shop 73 in the Central markets for super-foods often weekly or fortnightly, (I love those guys) & loo paper from IGA as required is for me a simple exercise that I am deeply honored & grateful for.
I love how the oils protect not only me from EMF but my home by simply diffusing. The Essential Oils Desk Reference is a must, I’ve found myself in a position where I’ve had to look the book up in an emergency for an issue then simply used what oils to sort that out. And they do, every time, I wouldn’t consider anything else, it’s on hand.
When I first started with Young Living I only wanted the oils and wrote a list of them all and slowly over the months collected all the Single oils and then onto the blends. And almost 6 years later I still haven’t got all the blends as I have my favorites and other products that I use, and continued topping up of oils. I will one day that’s a given. This is a journey and those who are also on it with me I feel blessed to know, its exciting and the evidence is there, I am supported and love to support, Young Living. That in turns supports my Art, my great friends and family, my beautiful Clients, my sacred yoga practice (oh what a journey that’s been!), my meditation (holosync which is brilliant) my books, oh I think this is going to be a bit of a list so I will stop there but these are the main ones.
Learning to change our shopping habits and embracing health & well-being is a must for our longevity & happiness. If you have any questions please ask me I am happy to answer what I can.
Loving the Young Living Journey, because it’s the healthy option!!!!
Happy Big Oils Angela