I remember trying to find the answers as in how to be a ‘good’ Artist, which I now believe is my spiritual being, who I really am, what was the recipe to get it right and be perfect? I remember as a teenager searching for the answer for the right medium to use & the right instrument in which to dispense this medium & onto what ground! I remember standing in the kitchen absolutely stating that I wanted to be an Artist to my Dad & how I had no idea how I would do that.
I had always drawn and written and been creative & in how I had any space in which I lived, at first that being my bedroom then as I grew older an entire home!

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm -SOLD
I searched for answers with my art for years and at times felt content in exploring and learning through the different colleges that I went to.
I believe my art has saved my life through the ups and downs that have prevailed and get that the answers have never been outside of myself. I defiantly required all the learning through the colleges and it was not that long ago that I realized that the work I am currently doing is the absolute answer to what I was looking for some 35 years ago, that moment of realization was just amazing. Although this is ever evolving I fully trust that what I am guided to do is exactly what’s required of me in this moment.
I loved the exploration that was required for Art School and to follow many years later Transpersonal Art Therapy but now I see my life as a total process that it unfolds as it’s meant to be….I don’t have to go do anything, that I am already doing it daily- My art, meditation, yoga, good healthy eating, oh and those beautiful pure therapeutic essential oils, good friends, reading and the list goes on. It is not something to get a result that it is the result that I live and how I choose to feel about it is entirely up to me. I love all aspects of self that shows to me, the complexity of life and how entangled I can get with me. But I am gentle nowadays and kind to me so I can be with me and love me, those around me in all times that show in the moment. I am not perfect and I don’t make out I am, but I love the parts of me that show up that are works in progress.
I have found my mentors have been not only my teachers in college and family and friends or otherwise, but often people I don’t even know and that I feel so grateful for. Again through a variety of mediums, that I have found their guidance, help and in the most dyer of times as well as just needing simple answers. I have spent a lot of time alone in this life, and the work I do requires that, and as Wayne Dyer would suggest not being affected by the good opinion of others has been a huge part of what I am conveying here. Not getting caught up in trying to find the answer, it’s already here, somewhere, and will appear at the perfect time. Trusting and breathing deeply helps. Thank you.