Happy Spring to us all


Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Happy Spring to us all. Day one & two have certainly shown a dive into the beautiful, after massive rains & the cold of winter for Adelaide. I love the weather that’s for sure, and the variety is what matters for me. This helps keep our feelings, moods & sense of well being manageable and upbeat or at least smoothly unfolding before us.

What are your intentions for the next few months? What are your feelings telling you? How can you make changes if that’s what you get that’s needed in your life? Journaling daily, meditation daily, along with super-foods, organic foods, yoga/exercise, good water and good friends is a great recipe for a feeling good a lot of the time of which is a very good life style. It takes commitment & research, learning and keeping the inner realms of emotions in check so things don’t spiral out of control. Parenting and being there for our self is on going for this life, and for this, our story is about Love. Who are you, who are you not and what can you do today to be truly living your life without others peoples opinions affecting you & you making yourself wrong for your choices! Step up, step out and live life to the fullest.

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique derives its name from the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field and can be performed on both people and animals. Its origins come from Ancient Tibetan, Ancient Egyptian and Native American Indian bodywork techniques, combined with the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils and the modern massage.

Raindrop Technique uses Vita-flex, the ancient Tibetan version of foot reflexology. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force. This combination makes for a sensational experience, both receiving and giving, which promotes profound relaxation and balance.

The Raindrop Technique developed by Essential Oil Researcher and Naturopath D. Gary Young due to research showing many forms of spinal misalignment are caused by muscle spasms and inflammation-producing bacteria and viruses that reside along the spine, for example scoliosis.

The Raindrop Technique I have been using in my Therapy practice for 3 years now, and with great success. It has worked well in conjunction with my Transpersonal Art Therapy and counseling enabling the body on all levels to shift into healing mode enabling authenticity and love of self that in turn gifts you with the life you are here to live.

Raindrop Testimonial

I just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You, I am very glad I met you, and that I chose to come to you for help in various forms since 2009. Thank you for all your words of encouragement, strength and gratitude and the work you are doing with me with the Raindrop Technique. Raindrop Technique in itself has been a blessing and I finally feel like the top of the cocoon has lifted, I do have a lot to work through and thank you for helping me with that.

I just wanted to say thanks again. See you next in March.  Blessings Melissa.B.

From birth I have always had quite extreme asthma and from the age of 11 I have suffered from scoliosis and it’s caused continuous back pain for me. Occasionally I will get anxiety attacks and it will cause me to stress and worry which then provokes my asthma. Ever since I started receiving Raindrop treatments from Angela my life has been completely different. My asthma has drastically improved as well as my back pain. After each treatment I feel relaxed, energised and motivated which defiantly has an ongoing effect. I always look forward to my Raindrop therapy and always can’t wait for the next one. Imogen

Art Therapy, Counseling & Integrative Therapies

With Art Therapy several techniques are used for example clay, drawing, writing & other forms of creativity as a means of unraveling to assist in getting to the core of problems, allowing healing to naturally occur in our body. This work is for us all and has nothing to do with having to be an artist to do this. This gets us out of out head and into the feelings in our body and in turn transforms what’s ready to moved on from. We don’t have to think about this, as our body and hands do the work, its that simple.

AEDP is another of the many therapies that I use is another way of guiding us through intense emotional feelings that maybe feared, painful or even joyful.

Each of my clients come with their own set of dynamics to unfold and make sense of at a rational level and unconsciously so their daily life is easier to be in. So I see myself as a facilitator in being there and assisting in whatever process is required at the time.

The therapies are remarkable & transforming process’s that assist in moments of crisis, and other transitional stages of ones world. And I would consider valuable for us all as we travel through life. Working on ourselves regularly is ensuring that we manage the intensities of life and so that we don’t by pass the wonderful aspects that life gifts us all. I feel truly honored to assist others as I have been in helping us to be right here, right now and be truly who we are meant to be.


Transpersonal Art Therapy Testimonial

I have been a client of Angela’s for over two years and I have found the personal transformation in that time to be quite remarkable. Her guidance has brought about significant changes to my physical health, emotional wellbeing and spiritual understanding. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to make positive steps in their life. SB

If ever you are feeling stuck, misaligned … Or just searching through that empty fog- give Angela Kirby a buzz. She is a genuine compassionate soul who will help you connect ground and re balance. Art, oils, and a strong wise voice – it will change your life! Promise xx SP

Young Living

For those who have chosen to embrace the oils and nutrition into your life, I defiantly get that we are all indeed very fortunate to be using this truly beneficial way of health and healing. As Dr Wayne Dyer says these oils are helping to raise the levels of consciousness on the planet right now and he sees them as “littles Bottles of God/Universal Consciousness.” What a great endorsement from a truly great man, loving, supportive and has a lot to teach us all and one I am truly grateful for.

If you have any questions regarding Young Living then I am happy to share how maintaining our life with these therapeutic oils are a gift to us all.


*I have a friend who has informed me that If you go through customs to travel within Australia with your oils one of my down line who does regularly asks the oils to not go through the x-ray machine. They take the oils aside and see that all is well while you go through the machine and all is cleared and your oils are x-ray free! Thanks Peter.


Make a commitment to be absolutely faithful to that which exists nowhere but within yourself , This is the great secret for seeing ever more clearly & living your life from a place of passion & purpose Wayne Dyer J