I hope you are warm and feeling enthusiastic living your life? I would like to share a little of my experiences with you about Young Living. One of the things that I am grateful for is these oils, nutrition and personal care that they offer. I have learnt that the addition of Superfood’s and Wildcrafted foods are a companion for our bodies and as David Wolfe has said “if you are eating Organic food, it is only JUST good enough” !!! With Young Living they are above Organic and are in the ‘Wildcrafted’ category and that is where we need to be with what we put into our body. Remembering that processed and canned foods are dead foods, they do not have any nutritional value at all!


The oils cold air diffused our homes help us to be at a level where energetically we are free of the toxicities that build up. And using them ourselves is what assists us daily on all levels emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. I have recently found a new organic vegetable shop on Port Road that I am very pleased with and hope that in your area there are Live Foods available as well as a health shop that has Superfood’s along with your Young Living experiences! Not all health shops that I walk into FEEL energetically, what I would say, ‘good’, something is missing so I go with that feeling and trust that my favourite shop (73) in the Central Market, House of Health has what I want. I have been shopping there for over ten years now! Thank you to Rob and Chester.

The Sulphurzyme sorted my thumb out, – I had been using my hand held blender making green smoothies for 3 months and managed to give myself RSI a couple of years ago! But I am happy to share that was soon sorted out. I vary in the amount that I take from 2 to 4 capsules a day. It assists with muscles and bones, immune, skin and nervous system.

I began with the oils almost 5 years ago and have defiantly got my favourites that I use daily. Valor on the base of my spine and top of my spine for balance, followed by White Angelica on my shoulders and waft over my body, for the bombardment of negative energy but also to tap into my own spirituality for the big picture in life and not to get caught up in the fears that can lurk. I then choose other oils like frankincense and have noticed reduction of blemishes since using Australian Blue! Oregano I have used for a papilloma on my foot and after a couple of weeks of daily use that has gone. And I am sure you have your own experiences to share of which I am happy to hear about!

I also make my own capsule up daily that I buy from aromabooks.com.au with x5 drops of the longevity oil and whatever oil/s that I feel would best suit me for the day, one or two drops at best . If you aren’t into digesting the oils then placing them on your body directly (check the EDOR Safety Data Guide) or diluted through massage or inhaling and cold air diffusing is how you would utilise them. I often use a couple of drops of patchouli with my moisturiser on my face. And I also use grapefruit oil x 3 drops in my Ningxia Red for my eyesight daily. I love the Ningxia Red and what if offers energy, mineral, and vitamins wise, a very powerful anti-oxidant and keeps me alert!

The Thieves range is simply a household staple and I also wouldn’t be without. The toothpaste is brilliant as is the oil, and with any gum issues an addition of the thieves oil on the toothbrush will sort that out! The cleaner that not only does the floor but can be used in your clothes wash as well (thanks Anita for reminding me about that)!. The spray is handy in so many respects and the hand wipes and waterless hand cleanser brilliant. Not toxic at all and you know the bacteria thats unfriendly is now taking a hike out of where it isn’t wanted! The hand soap and foam are also a winner. I use a lot of the oils and can tell you it has made such a difference in my life in many ways. Perfumes are long gone that’s for sure.

I have shared the oils with hundreds over the past few years and hear how beautiful and profound they are experienced as well as the typical ‘wow you smell beautiful what are you wearing?”. And any oils that you find a little too much is actually what your body needs. I have noticed how the oils can change daily in what I smelt yesterday as to my experience today!

I love how there are books to reference and the latest EDOR is fantastic to have which is specific to the Young Living oils.

If there is anything that you wanted to ask me I am happy to assist you in the best way that I can.

The workshop will be a small group that offers a gentle way to explore the Feelings Kit in a couple of weeks of a sunday afternoon. Learning & sharing together our experiences with these 6 oils! I really look forward to seeing you here then 🙂