Strict attention to detail—from the seeds sown to the plants harvested—ensures that the oils you obtain from Young Living are the purest, most potent essential oils available. This precise, detailed method is known as the Seed to Seal process.
Unadulterated, organic, low pressure and low steam distillation allows these oils to work on all levels of our being. This process enables the compounds of the plants to be uncompromised during the extraction process.
My days starts with the oils and ends with the oils, my clients love the oils as I work with them during my practice…and I love to share the benefits as I myself continue to learn about the oils.


I finished my Raindrop Technique Level 2 over the weekend with Artemis along with the Vitaflex technique. The Vitalfex alone is a process working on the feet and legs and any internal areas of concern can be addressed along with the use of appropriate oils.
Over the next few weeks I am offering vitaflex alone as a healing that would last about an hour for $80. Revitalising and a healing tool to added to our lives regularly is of great benefit.

Along with our daily yoga or your choice of exercise, healthy eating, great friends and the Raindrop Technique and Vitaflex are an extension to maintain longevity and well being.
Angela Kirby Young Living member 1058300
MB: 0417850748