October Workshop in 2020 with Angela

Mandala Journey

Express Emotion in movement with Colour and Clay

DATE: Sunday 11th October 2020

WHERE: Brompton 

TIME :  10am – 3pm 

(Arrive around 9.45 to start at 10am please)

This workshop offers healing using the expressive pathway that is natural within each and every one of us.

It enables trust and flow with life’s daily change.

Drawing a mandala is a gateway in unfolding feelings. Mandalas facilitate understanding the messages that your work emits. It is as much serious as it is a challenge and great fun all rolled up together.

I will also have us working with clay to shift the process around and open other opportunity of inner support to be felt.

Nothing changes if we stay the same, this time is asking us to step up and through what is holding us back. Firstly, is in recognising what that might be, that then has the possibility to change and be something else completely. That life isn’t linear in understanding for the many layers that there are, most of which we cannot see.

We will be learning about the mandala and some of its origins naturally and person made, meditating, using colour within the framework of the circle and having the opportunity to share your experience.

It is intrinsic to our wellbeing to aid our journey through creative adventures where we can let go of trying to control what is not able to be controlled! This allows you to get out of your own way where the everyday miracles of living step up to the next level.….

I welcome you to a day of creative unfolding where no prior experience is necessary other than having got this far in your life! 

I provide a safe space where you spend time exploring the emotional self, that you may not ordinarily do or feel, you have the time to. 

Or maybe this is a top up, a reminder of being true to you, releasing feelings of disempowerment and the like. 

You will be sharing a space with a very small group, building trust and enabling the breath of life to pass in and out easily!

You are perfect as you are, this life is about Love and honouring your path no matter what is appearing and especially this year 2020!


COST:   -Cost $95 & a non-refundable Deposit of $60 required 


WHEN: – October 11th 2020


BOOK:-Places will fill quickly so book early to ensure your place. I need to be mindful of space required to work within so this will be a very small group of 4. 5 including me at the helm! RSVP 6th October. 


WEAR:-Wear casual clothes that you won’t mind if they get a bit grubby but you will clean up nicely on all levels!


BRING:-Please bring a healthy lunch, life supporting! 

*I will have tea and healthy snacks


To Book : Please reply to this email or call Angela on 0417 850 748 to book your space and pay your deposit either via credit card, direct into savings account or cash directly to.


I’m really looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started.

Happy Big Creating




-Open and clear, Angela guides you through the day gently and with insights. She holds space for you to tap into your creativity, with confidence. Patti. K. 

– Angela was warm, energetic and experienced as a facilitator. I found the workshop to be a nice way to spend my Sunday afternoon. RP

-Angela is vibrant passionate & really knows her stuff. SB

-I run a group for people interested in Art As Therapy, including practicing Art Therapists. I came across Angela during an internet search and emailed her. Unlike most prospective presenters, Angela took the initiative to call me (not just email), determine what we were after, and communicate what she had to offer. She was professional, reliable, and ticked every single point I asked for – fun, informative, therapeutic, social, and relevant! Angela has a strong personality, which enhanced the presentation, adding interest and creating a space of self-expression. I recommend Angela for any Arts and/or Therapy group seeking an engaging presenter. Truly-Bell Couper

-I found Angela to be knowledgeable. She was supportive and seemed to know where I was coming from and what level I am at. TL

-Angela was personable, inviting and engaging. I enjoyed the sand-tray work and being able to reflect on myself at a deeper level. SB