August Blog 2020

Repeat, repeat, repeat -Eating well and looking after our physical and emotional self is so important. Fresh, organic where possible, raw foods are great along with superfoods and good clean water, and products that are unprocessed and have no nasty chemicals and being aware of electro-magnetic field safety. Along with exercise and meditation, journaling, yoga, healthy relationships and friendships, the list goes on. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
It is up to you to do the research on how you fill your cup with goodness, it’s a part of us growing up and moving on from being a victim in our life if that’s where you have found yourself. I am not in any way lessening or disrespecting the effects of trauma, pain or suffering in any way other than to say that we can get passed it.

If you are experiencing physical pain then your emotions are also very important to process as they are the basis on which our ailments are built. Louise L Hay was one of the first to document this in her little blue book Heal your Body that I bought nearly 40 years ago. Simple in its structure, but to the point, and one where I feel is a great place to start and dive into researching what’s going on within you. As it states on the front of the book
-The mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them.

I’m bringing this up as it is very important now to steer ourselves away from fear, acknowledge it, but it is then best to move on from it as it causes stress to name just one thing that it does. Learning to detach from the intensity and letting go is our job. Of which, resistance and denial are quite often one of the first barriers that keeps us in our fear and any drama. We need good boundaries around what we bring into our life.

Initially, it may be valuable to have the background of the medical fraternity to assist where required, so that you are aware of what state your body is in. Choosing to venture off into territories with naturopaths and homeopaths and the like as regular maintenance and the daily upkeep is then up to you. For me I have a naturopath/homeopath who I see about 4 times a year as she is brilliant and I know my job is on-going self-care in between. And over the years this is where I have found the most success for my on-going peace and harmony and my well-being. What is best for you?

To get to the core of our ailments is a journey and one that can arrive in several ways as to which route we head down to sort things out. It is for you to open up to and learn to trust your inner world as to what you feel is best for you. Sometimes we make choices that appear like the worst but there is a lot of learning in that and one where you understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Or what did support you but no longer does, that’s great as you have moved on, well done.

It is also where we can quite often find opposition from others and their ideals of what they feel is best for you. But it is your journey and while listening to others including me, is important in gathering information, ask yourself how do the choices in front of you make you feel? Being mindful of what you say as to how others react to you is you being aware of what you say consciously or what word habits just fly from your mouth! I know I am guilty for that and I continue to work on it.

We can choose to stay in battle with our minds filled with toxic thinking and continual drama or we step up and take responsibility and start doing the research on what suits you best. While we are all connected and a part of this planet every one of us is on our own journey and at varying stages of our existence.

So, like in the first paragraph of self-care, emotional-care is paramount and while we tend to put it off at some stage our body lets us know there is something to be dealt with. Ask yourself what does my body need, what do I need to let go of, how do I speak to myself and others?

The work that I do as an Art Therapist and counsellor alongside of several other psycho-spiritual therapies that I offer, are all valuable for our emotional health.
www.frizzkirby.com for more info.
Having a consultation with me there is initially a discussion where you share your concerns about what you are currently experiencing or have been for extended periods of time. I then, based on what I observe, choose the work on the day that will assist you through the ebb and flow of any emotional upheaval.

Some clients I work as their mentor as they have done a lot of deep work that now enables a top up from time to time for their on-going emotional self-care.
It is a good practice to have on which ever path you choose it from.

My job is providing the space for which you unfold what is ready to be released and where you are ready to open up new opportunities in your life.
It’s about freeing yourself up to live the life that you really want to, and through doing the work, your life and opportunities, health and well-being finds you!

Sure, we continue to experience issues but when you free up emotional baggage then you know which tools to use to help you navigate your way. You are learning to trust you implicitly and I am here as a gate keeper to help you close the gate on what no longer resinates and open a new gate to fly through as you trust the path ahead even if you can’t see it clearly, you just know you will at some stage.

Along with dental care, hair care, nail care, feet care, car care, home care, garden care, therapy is also one that if utilised to check in with yourself as needed, you will see results.
It is up to you to ‘show up in your life’ to look after the aspects within you that let you know that you are here to learn and grow, love and be loved and help others.

Let’s raise our levels of consciousness by doing the daily inner emotional work.

Much love and grace to you in your life